There comes a point where any dedicated gardener wants to try owning their own allotment. Now, this can be a very daunting process, with allotments being much larger than your home garden, with you having so much space to work with. That is why today, we are going to share with you our newbie top tips! Making the beginning of your allotment journey a breeze.

Top Tip One – Choose Your Plot Wisely
The most exciting part about allotments has to be choosing your first plot. Now, it is common for newbies to go with the first plot they view. You need to stop doing this! Look around and make sure you find the perfect plot. One that is the right size for what you need, as well as the ground quality, and location. You should consider all of these aspects over the price you are paying.

Top Tip Two – In-depth Planning
Designing and planning the layout of your allotment plot is key. Before you begin any work have a plan in place. This helps you to visualise the work that needs completing when you arrive at your allotment for the first day of work. Helping you to know the seeds and bulbs you need to purchase, as well as any tools you may need. Plans are vital for keeping everyone working on the allotment on the same page.

Top Tip Three – Talk To Others
It is likely that when you go to your allotment you will not be the only one there. Talking to others can really help you to understand what you have gotten yourself in for. They can share with you some of their personal top tips, helping you make your allotment the best it can be. As well as allowing you to build friendships along the way.