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Allotments: Sharing the Results

When you look at renting an allotment or having your own allotment for growing stuff in your own home, I think that most people would reasonably feel that having the space to do it in your own home is better. This may be the case, put privacy and easy access may not be enough to […]


Frugal Gardening: Choose Plants Which Are Robust

As was said in the previous frugal gardening article, gardening can be pretty expensive (although less than most hobbies), and finding ways to reduce costs can be both a fun experience and really useful. One of the most expensive aspects of gardening is paying for all of the products you need to use to keep […]


Easy things to grow in your garden

A lot of people are reluctant at the idea of actually starting to some useful things in their garden. Sometimes this is because they aren’t currently managing their garden much, but even if this is the case, you don’t have to do much to grow some plants which you can then use in your kitchen. […]


The Importance of a Garden

It is unfortunate to say the least that not everybody can have a garden. Due to our growing population and the increasingly urban lifestyle many of us lead, we are simply to cramped to afford to dedicate space to gardens. This is bad because gardens and green spaces serve a lot of important functions in […]

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Gardening While Working Full Time

It has long been a stereotype that those who garden tend to be retired adults, and you wouldn’t be wrong in that assumption. The fact is that managing and creating a beautiful garden requires time and effort, and those who work between 30-50 hours per week can find it difficult to find the time to […]


Installing the Folding Arm Markilux Awning

Folding arm Markilux awnings are by far one of the most popular type of awning. Most people prefer them since they are highly effective in shading patios and windows without the need for installing frames, posts or beams. As a result of this, installing them usually serves as guarantee to keep the area right under […]

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