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Choosing a Birdbath for Your Garden

If you want to make your garden animal-friendly, a birdbath is a great accessory to have. They’ll help attract wild birds to your garden, and you’ll be providing an incredibly important resource, because clean water for drinking and bathing is essential all year round. Have a think about what size birdbath you want. A larger […]

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Small Gardens: Making use of the space on offer

If you have a small garden, you need to be able to make use of the space that’s on offer; otherwise your garden isn’t going to be very practical. It’s always a good idea to split your garden into several areas, and a little of everything can be nice. You could have a section of […]

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Installing the Folding Arm Markilux Awning

Folding arm Markilux awnings are by far one of the most popular type of awning. Most people prefer them since they are highly effective in shading patios and windows without the need for installing frames, posts or beams. As a result of this, installing them usually serves as guarantee to keep the area right under […]

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Frugal Gardening: Growing From Seeds

Gardening can be a pretty expensive hobby, which is why finding methods to reduce the costs involved are pretty valuable for people who regularly garden. Perennial plants, whether you’re talking about fruit and veg or flowering plants, are a great example of this because you need to buy them every year to fill your garden […]

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Is Buying Plants Going to Move Online

The online trade of plants, trees, flowers and seeds has never been particularly large, with most avid gardeners still relying upon gardening centres for their supplies. Whether or not this will remain the case is question however, with more and more companies now offering online purchases of garden supplies as well as deliveries. There are […]

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