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Should I Have A Fairy Garden?

Something which is coming into garden fashion is fairy gardens. So should you include one of these into your garden? What are the benefits of them? Fairy gardens are an excellent way to add colour to your garden. If you don’t want to look after and care for loads of flowers, a fairy garden is […]


Why Are Bulbs A Popular Choice?

You are starting off your garden, bulbs are a more popular choice than seeds when growing plants. We are going to look at why bulbs are more popular. One reason they are more popular is that they can come back yearly. Once your plants have bloomed, if you leave them to wilter away themselves they […]


Getting the heating right in your greenhouse

Heating a greenhouse within the cooler months can often be quite daunting. In fact, it may require a great deal of patience and perseverance to get it right! For those new to the world of greenhouse growing, we recommend using electric heaters as they’re easier to put in, more economical and have a wider range […]


Dahlia bulbs: Why are they so popular?

Dahlia bulbs, also known as dahlia tubers, are very low maintenance and a joy to plant and watch as they flourish in your garden.  They’ve only become more and more popular here in the UK, especially in recent years. Dahlias certainly flaunt their colours during summer and autumn. They come in a wide range of […]


The Primary Considerations When Laying Decking Boards

Decking boards – they can be used by homeowners, landlords and business owners to create a decking area that is beautiful and practical at the same time. There are endless possibilities when you lay a deck, allowing you to transform areas that might otherwise have little purpose or be difficult to use to their full […]


Can Reclaimed Wood Help Improve Your Garden And Home?

If you’re renovating your home or garden, you’ll need to make sure you have the materials that you need. One material you may want to consider is reclaimed wood. Here are a few reasons to give this type of wood a closer look. You Can Do A Great Deal With Reclaimed Wood Wood is one […]


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