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The advantages of investing in a greenhouse for your garden

Greenhouse gardening is the next level of gardening for individuals who love planting  as it helps in protecting the plants from the extreme weather conditions. The advantages of investing in a greenhouse for your garden are that it offers extra protection for plants, from the glaring sunlight that might damage the plant. It also offers […]

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Gardening tips: How to make your grass greener

There are so many reasons why a lawn may not be in the best condition, but the main answer is usually that you haven’t put in enough work. A really attractive lawn does require some maintenance throughout the course of the year, whether that be watering, seeding, mowing or weeding, and we’re going to talk […]


Growing herbs in your garden

It can be really fun to try growing herbs in your garden and we recommend you sow some mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme and sage in your garden this spring. These can be grown indoors but the month of may is perfect for outdoor growing, and you just need to pop them in some containers and […]

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How to make your lawn greener

Perhaps when you look at your neighbour’s compound you envy it somewhat and say “it is always greener the other side!” Are you looking for ways in which you can make your lawn greener? If so, we’re here to provide you with some great tips on how to make your lawn look luscious and feel […]


Praying for a sunny spring

Spring is a very unpredictable month in the UK. March, April and May can give us rain, strong sun, hail stones and icy mornings – all in the space of a week – so it’s important to make sure we’re fully prepared. If you’d like to make sure your garden can be enjoyed all year […]


Is your garden fencing ready for the winter?

The winter weather can become an issue not only to your home but also your garden, with harsh winds and ice forecast, making sure your property is ready is a great start. When it comes to your garden it is important to check the fencing is strong, durable and secure for your home. A poorly […]


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