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Autumn; A great time to start composting

With the season change, there has never been a better time to make use out of all of those fallen leafs in your garden. Autumn is a beautiful season, with the change in colours and the leafs beginning to fall from the trees. Although the Autumn fallen leafs can look beautiful, leaving them on top […]


Is your garden suitable for a dog?

Adding a dog to your family is a lovely idea and usually benefits the whole family, but is your garden ready for the new addition? Preparing your garden for a new family dog is important to maintain their safety and allow them to explore too. Firstly, you don’t want your dog to escape your garden […]


Filling our empty garden space with potted plants and shrubbery

Does your garden look a little bit bare in places? Maybe you want to consider ways to fill out the spaces and improve the appearance of your garden. A great and easy way to fill out an area of empty space is by placing potted plants and shrubbery, you can add a mixture of large […]


3 common mistakes when creating your own herb garden

When creating your own herb garden, it’s important to avoid mistakes that could potentially harm the growth and well-being of your plants. So if you’re about to start your herb garden then here are a three common mistakes that you should avoid. Gardening in an area that’s too hot or too cold – Most herbal […]


Creating a vintage flower display in your garden

If you like many others are loving the new vintage craze, you may want to try adding this style to your own garden. Re-decorating your garden is just as important as re-decorating inside your home, bringing in fresh flowers, colours and designs. A great way to display any new flowers in on an old vintage […]


Importance of keeping your greenhouse clean

If you have a greenhouse, you should know the importance of keeping it clean. Keeping your greenhouse clean will reduce the change of your plants dying and improve their growth. You should sweep out your greenhouse once and week or more regularly depending on its usage, clearing away any unwanted dirt and old composting leaves. […]


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