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Best Practises when Planting Commercial Plants

Have you ever wanted to plant daffodil? Are you wondering what it takes to get the best daffodil plants? You are about to find out everything you need to know about planting Daffodil Bulbs. These bulbs grow to become daffodil plant, an important source of perfume scent and a valuable horticultural crop. The scent does […]


Prevent cats from entering your garden

I’ve never been much of a cat lover. I don’t like the way they feel they can go anywhere they like, and do their business anywhere they like! I recently decided to put a stop this problem in my garden, and here’s how I did it. Firstly, I blocked my boundary gaps with prickly plants […]


Spring’s right around the corner

I know it’s hard to think it right now (as we continue scraping the ice of our cars every morning) but spring is nearly upon us. This means we can soon start mowing the lawn, planting new flowers, trimming our hedges, painting our fences, filling our flowerpots, sweeping the patio and oiling the shed. As […]


Gardening jobs now the cold is behind us

As we start to move away fro the cold period, it’s normal to start thinking about the next jobs that need doing in our gardens, and we’re going to talk you through three of the most important jobs. Mowing the lawn No matter what ‘Bob from down the road’ tells you, grass does grow during […]


Will January be a write off?

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for spring. It gives us chance to focus on planting new flowers, mowing the lawn, spraying the fence panels and cleaning the paving slabs. It’s a time to get prepared before the summer weather arrives. However, with the cold weather only gradually beginning to arrive this […]


Lighting up your garden

It’s not just in your home where you’re able to spread Christmas joy, many people spend time adding Christmas lights and decorations to their gardens too! If you want the outside of your property to look as festive as possible, consider buying twinkling lights to hang on the roof of your home, or purchase bold […]


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