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Trimming back your shrubs

If you haven’t done any gardening since summer, your outside space may be starting to look a little bit wild. If you have many different mature shrubs and trees in your garden then it could be time for some pruning. This is your final chance to do so before the freezing cold weather arrives, and […]


Enjoying your Autumn Garden

Although it’s sad to see summer come to an end, we absolutely love autumn. The golden leaves, the muddy boots, conkers and squirrels storing nuts. It’s bursting with bold colours, and we think it deserves a celebration in its own right. Though the weather is brisk, you can enjoy your garden in autumn, and if […]


The Best Herbs to Grow at Home

Herbs are deceptively hardy little plants, so it can be very easy to grow them in your garden or home and see a great deal of success with them. They’re beneficial to have to hand – buying fresh herbs from a shop usually means buying a large bag, and a lot can go to waste. […]


Flower Bulbs Which Offer the First Touch of Colour to Your Garden Following Winter

Spring bulbs are flowers that produce the most vibrant colours with very little effort put into the gardens. They are easy to grow and produce massive yields when tended to in an efficient manner. They are also popularly referred to as tender bulbs. They give off a nice and pleasant smell to any passer-by. These […]


Peace and Relaxation in a Hammock

There aren’t many garden chairs and loungers that are comfier than a hammock, and in our eyes it’s the ultimate addition to a tranquil garden. Whether you’re hammock is tied to a tree, or erected with two steel poles, there’s nothing quite like swinging in the air as you clear your mind. It’s only when […]


Frugal Gardening: Choose Plants Which Are Robust

As was said in the previous frugal gardening article, gardening can be pretty expensive (although less than most hobbies), and finding ways to reduce costs can be both a fun experience and really useful. One of the most expensive aspects of gardening is paying for all of the products you need to use to keep […]


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