If you want to make your garden animal-friendly, a birdbath is a great accessory to have. They’ll help attract wild birds to your garden, and you’ll be providing an incredibly important resource, because clean water for drinking and bathing is essential all year round.

Have a think about what size birdbath you want. A larger one can look pretty, and more birds can use it, but smaller ones are easier to maintain. A large one can become difficult to move and clean.

There are plenty of different designs around, so you won’t struggle to find one which you like. Some are made from lightweight material but have the appearance of a rustic metal finish, so they will look elegant but won’t be difficult to carry. Some are designed for standing on a patio, and others can be hung up on trees or on bird tables. Of course, there are also plenty of traditional stone birdbaths around. Choose one which will complement your garden but which will be convenient to maintain.

Once you’ve chosen your birdbath, you’ll need to decide where you’re going to put it. Make sure that it’s easily accessible for both you and your garden birds. It may take them a while to get used to it and start using it, but once they have, make sure that you keep it topped up all the time – garden birds that visit your garden regularly will come to rely on it. If you want to further encourage birds to visit your garden, you can also provide some food for them. Again, this is important all year round for birds, as you’ll be providing them (and their chicks during the spring!) with a reliable food source which they’ll come to depend upon.