If you plan on introducing a cute canine into your family home, you may want to think about your garden and check that it’s suitable for a dog. Here are some of the things your new family member will need:

Firm borders

Having fences and gates around your garden means your dog can run freely without making their way into the road. Check to see if there are any small gaps in exciting fences or gates that the dog could jump through and get them closed off ASAP, especially during the puppy stage.

A fresh lawn

Every dog loves rolling around in the grass, playing fetch and doing their business. A nice fresh lawn is a joy for any dog, so have you already got an area in place?

An array of plants and shrubs

No this is not for your dog to eat or destroy; it’s for them to sniff. Dogs love picking up the sweet scents from plants and shrubs and it makes their time in the garden a lot more enjoyable.