Spring bulbs are flowers that produce the most vibrant colours with very little effort put into the gardens. They are easy to grow and produce massive yields when tended to in an efficient manner. They are also popularly referred to as tender bulbs. They give off a nice and pleasant smell to any passer-by.

These majestic flowers blossom to signal the end of the winter season and bring hope of warmer seasons. The spring bulbs are among the first flowers in any garden to open up and show their colourful petals. It is difficult for the bulbs to survive cold temperatures and extreme environments.

It is very important for any flower farmer to know when to plant them. The importance of perfect timing when it comes to planting is visible when the flowering period arrives. To achieve the most beautiful and colourful flower bulbs, one should plant the bulbs and tubers in small vases or any other tins and cans. They should be planted between the months of October and early December before the temperatures drop and the cold season really gets a grip. The best way to plant the bulbs is by digging holes that are approximately seven inches deep ensuring that there is proper drainage in the soil.

There is a broad array of wonderful spring bulbs to choose from. The flowers greatly vary in shape, size, colour and even scents. They include:


tulips-177889_1280These are most common types of bulbs. They have a variety of shapes and colours available that most people do not even realize they are
tulips. Many people combine the different types of tulips to get the best mix possible.



hyacinth-272492_1280These bulbs come with a strong lovely scent that attracts most people. Others find this smell unpleasant, but everyone agrees that the plant itself is a fine specimen. The plant is best suited for outdoor cultivation and does exhibit rare black flowers.



puschkinie-720196_1280These are white star shaped flowers that are also known as the snowdrop. They have blue beautiful stripes running along the petals that give them very amazing quality.




bluebell-267510_1280These flowers form a carpet-like foliage in the spring that creates a magical sight to behold. Although the plant is termed invasive in some areas, it is very easy to control and grow.


Winter aconite

winter-aconite-168869_1280Although the flower is named winter aconite, it blossoms in the spring and leads to big beautiful flowers. Insects such as bees and flower flies are attracted by the winter aconite and help in pollination. This is one of the easiest flowers to maintain and cultivate as it requires almost zero attention.

So whether you want to plant a few indoor plants to beautify your house or cultivate an outdoor garden to create your dream compound, always go for flower bulbs. These types of flowers create an amazing mix of colours coupled with sweet soft scents that are guaranteed to liven up your day. The bulbs require very little attention as they grow and will basically look after themselves as they provide excellent visual aesthetics.