Gardening can be a pretty expensive hobby, which is why finding methods to reduce the costs involved are pretty valuable for people who regularly garden.

Perennial plants, whether you’re talking about fruit and veg or flowering plants, are a great example of this because you need to buy them every year to fill your garden – buying them when they’re already partly grown is the easier option but can multiply your expenses considerably. Growing from seeds can be both a fun and cost cutting measure for people who go out and acquire a bunch of plants every year.

Growing seeds is quite different from other parts of gardening but it can be just as engaging. To start, you want to plant a large number of seeds, as some will fail. After this you just need to water and ensure adequate sunlight (a south facing window is great) in a sheltered environment and you’ll likely see great results. The materials you’ll require are compost, a seed tray, and seeds, so it is quite easy to do.