There are so many reasons why a lawn may not be in the best condition, but the main answer is usually that you haven’t put in enough work. A really attractive lawn does require some maintenance throughout the course of the year, whether that be watering, seeding, mowing or weeding, and we’re going to talk through some of the main ways in which you can make your lawn greener so that it’s more attractive, vibrant and comfortable to walk on.

Aerate your lawn

Soils that are very compact have problems such as poor air circulation, poor water drainage and poor nutrient absorption. Soil organisms are also beneficial for healthier grass growth, as they can’t establish in hard compact soils. To avoid this common issue, simply dig holes to about 3 inches deep throughout the lawn to loosen the soil and allow for better air circulation. The grass will also make good use of water and nutrients this way too.

Water your lawn deeply and less often

It can be done by watering one inch every week. This may vary depending on the soil type, grass species and the condition of weather. The time for watering the grass is early in the morning to reduce the rate of evaporation.

Use natural lawn fertilisers

Natural fertilisers are better than the synthetic ones since they are healthier for people around and the environment in general.

Grass cycling your grass clippings

This is accomplished by letting the lawn reuse the grass clippings created by mowing and they have an advantage of:

  • Acting as a natural mulch
  • Decomposing quickly hence returning nutrients back to the soil.
  • Improving the soil texture
  • Reducing the need for fertilisers.
  • Reducing wastes that go to the landfill.

Cut your grass correctly and to the recommended height

One should know what height to cut grass and the blades on the lawnmower should be kept well to cut grass well. This will certainly help create green turf that’s dense, vibrant and comfortable on the feet!

Compost kitchen and garden waste for greener grass

Addition of compost to the soil heps in;

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Improving drainage
  • Reducing soil- borne plant diseases
  • Attracting beneficial insects and other organisms
  • Use corn gluten meal as a natural herbicide and lawn fertiliser

It helps to control growth of weeds and keeping the grass fertilised at all times.

Use of Mycor Root Builder to improve your soil

It helps to provide secondary root systems to your garden plants and grass by attaching themselves to roots and so as to make better use of water and organic nutrients in the soil.

These are just some of the ways in which you can make your lawn healthier, but there’s a lot more you can be doing in other areas of your garden, so you really don’t have to go overboard. As long as you keep these different aspects in mind throughout the course of the year, we’re confident you’ll create a lawn that’s more luscious and vibrant.