Perhaps when you look at your neighbour’s compound you envy it somewhat and say “it is always greener the other side!”

Are you looking for ways in which you can make your lawn greener? If so, we’re here to provide you with some great tips on how to make your lawn look luscious and feel healthier. The secret of having a greener lawn lies on following a proper mowing routine, whilst providing the best nutrients in the right quantities and practicing proper weeding control. These are the three keys to success in our eyes, so let’s get into this and to really understand the specific changes you can make right now.

People normally grow different types of grasses and all of these types have different seeds. One of the factors you need to consider is the type of the seed but this will also depend on the type of the climate in your particular area or region. Some of the common cool-season grass available includes bent grass, fescues, bluegrass and rye grass. On the other side there are warm-season grasses that includes Bermuda grass, buffalo grass, Zoysia grass, Bahia grass, centipede grass and St/ Augustine grass.

After carefully selecting your seed or the type of the grass to grow, you need to deal with the issue of water. This could either mean removing thatch water or watering your grass. Be sure to water your lawn during dry season. You can do this through irrigation or whichever way that will fit you. And then finally on water issue, ensure your grass doesn’t suffer from lawn thatch problem.

Provide the right nutrients to your lawn. There are actually some fertilizers that will not only add nutrient value to your grass but will also help you control weeds. Weeding your lawn is very key if you want a greener lawn that’s also healthy. Ensure you use the right fertilizers on your lawn and always keep your lawn clean through weeding. Last but not least, you need to take care of your mowing height. Apart from the attraction, mowing also improves the health of your lawn. Consider mulching mower for a better result of greener mower. Sharpen your mower and be sure to mow in the evening or morning when the sun is cool.

If you’re buying a new lawn for a new spot, or need some fresh lawn to replace areas that are completely knackered, then you will need to read up on lawn turf suppliers in your area. There will no doubt be anywhere from 10 to 100 different suppliers in your area, and some of these will be storing and distributing their own turf, whilst others will be sourcing it direct from a grower and delivering it to you. We recommend you choose a supplier who really knows what they’re talking about and is involved in the actual process of growing turf, and not just a delivery man. They can then help you find the right turf for your garden, driveway or landscaping projects, whatever that may be.