Trustworthy and reputable turf suppliers always take great pride in delivering fresh, quality products to their customers. It does not matter whether you need it for a commercial property or a domestic property, reliable suppliers will take care of your requirements with utmost commitment and they always ensure that you receive turf quickly and in perfect condition. Most importantly, the turf will be ready for immediate transplantation.

Highly flexible and durable turfs

Top suppliers offer hardwearing and weed-free, fully cultivated turf and they always deliver turf grown on the free draining sands in the UK to ensure supreme quality. Good turfs harmoniously combine smooth stalked meadow grass, dwarf perennial rye grass and fescues and, a high level of resistance can always be associated with them. Another important aspect is that they are extremely capable of tolerating heavy traffic and good tensile strength is provided to further increase their hardware characteristics.

Different types of turfs

Trident turf

Trident turf is an excellent option for general lawns, amenity landscaping and golf tees and, the medium texture makes it an easy option to maintain. It takes root and flourishes within a short period of time and, great amount of versatility and resilience can always be associated with it. This turf also maintains its vibrant colour all year around and it contains a mixture of perennial ryegrasses in its seed composition. Other benefits include outstanding shoot density, excellent immunity to disease and strong winter colour as well.

Artificial turf

This turf is always known as highly versatile and it is highly suitable for most surfaces. It looks green and healthy even during the most hostile weather conditions and many people have been using it to improve and redesign their outdoor spaces. The installation process can be performed with absolute ease and speed as well.

Wildflower turf

If you want to protect your environment in the best possible manner, wildflower turf is the best option and you can convert your lawn into miniature meadows with the help of this turf. It demands minimal maintenance and creating a perfect habitat for small mammals, butterflies, birdsĀ  and bees, becoming a hassle-free process.

Rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF)

RTF offers high tolerance to drought and water-logging because of its deep rooting ability that extends over a metre into the subsoil and, you can always expect outstanding wear tolerance. This turf has a coarser complexion and it is extremely durable and strong as well.

Shade-tolerant turf

If your turf health is a major concern in shaded areas, you cannot find a better option than shade tolerant turf and it is grown using grass cultivars that flourish fast in a shaded environment. You just need a small amount of fertiliser to maintain it and a unique stoloniferous creeping ability can always be associated with this option.


Whenever you plan to have a turf installation, you should identify reliable turf suppliers because they analyse your requirements before coming up with a good option and it can be said without an iota of doubt that best turf suppliers guide you through the entire process to safeguard your interests in the best manner.