Folding arm Markilux awnings are by far one of the most popular type of awning. Most people prefer them since they are highly effective in shading patios and windows without the need for installing frames, posts or beams. As a result of this, installing them usually serves as guarantee to keep the area right under the awning completely free from any obstacles. In addition to this, these awnings are generally ideal for outdoor entertainment spots such as the decks, courtyards as well as patios since they are characteristic of designs which make them stand out.

Recently, the Markilux 5100 was introduced. It is considered a revolutionary design owing to its characteristic slim and robust design which makes the exterior designs highly elegance and fairly sophisticated while at the same time offering protection from the harsh weather. Which by the way are what most people look forward to when thinking of installing awnings. That aside, it equally worth noting that: Markilux awnings are ideal for a variety of applications since they are extremely durable and strong. Besides this, it is available up to seven meters with a small extension of around 4 meters which creates a fairly cozy shade when set up in an expansive area. Another interesting thing about this awning is its front profile which features and combined gutter and hidden spouts for water drainage. 

These awnings are also characteristic of very powerful arms which help make sure that there is tight cover as well as different lengths of the awnings arms which collectively help make it very sturdy plus its components made from stainless steel make it least prone to corrosion, this awning is extremely durable and strong. The Markilux awning is finished with the end caps that are polished chrome which is a mix of classic colors ranging from anthracite metallic, stone grey metallic as well as the cream white matt. Interesting thing about all of these features is the fact that they collectively make the elite technology used in the design of the Markilux self cleaning and the awning a perfect choice for the best outdoor lifestyle.

Looking back, Markilux has slightly over 30 years of experience in technical research and innovation. This is clearly evident from the fact that it is one of the leaders in textiles and mechanisms. This helps explain why the Markilux awnings systems are designed in such a manner that they offer the largest selection of styles and design options to choose from at the same time taking into consideration different climatic trends not to mention the common preferences of all those who love spending time outdoors.

In case you are interested in a more specific design, then you can also have the Markilux awning custom made to suit your personal preferences. For instance, the Markilux folding arm awning is characteristic of a stylishly bond design with all the surroundings placed in such a manner that provide protection from any harmful UV rays or harsh weather. Remember, when looking for awnings, take time to familiarize yourself with all of the basic information which include decorations and most importantly design since these two collectively stand to directly affect the manner in which the awnings will compliment the rest of your property once installed.