Adding a dog to your family is a lovely idea and usually benefits the whole family, but is your garden ready for the new addition?

Preparing your garden for a new family dog is important to maintain their safety and allow them to explore too. Firstly, you don’t want your dog to escape your garden area when you aren’t looking, that way making sure you have secure boarders surrounding your entire garden is vital. It’s not that your dog wants to escape, it’s just they are natural explorers and their nose may lead them away from the garden area.

Trees, shrubs and bark are good to add to your garden as it provides as area for your dog to sniff and explore with having to leave the area. Grass is a must for any dog owner, this is so they dog can roll on and naturally clean their fur whenever they choose to. They will also use this area to toilet in and they will usually stick to one particular area, hopefully preventing any accidents occurring indoors.