Every spring I like to treat myself, and this year was no different. I spent a fair amount on a brand new lawnmower and without being overdramatic; it’s changed my life! My grass has never looked shorter and neater, and I’m now able to mow the entire lawn in under 20 minutes, when I was probably pushing an hour with the old one. I’ve stayed true to my beliefs and committed myself to a petrol mower for another few years. I’ve never been the type of person who’s happy to tread over electric cables and then neatly peg them up when the mowing is complete. The new model is a simple petrol push design, but it runs beautifully, and I never have to look behind to see if the cut is to a good enough standard. It always is. Make sure you get a lawnmower upgrade every few years, don’t fall behind with the times like I did.