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How to Remove a Tree Stump

There are few tasks as tiring in gardening than attempting to dig up a tree stump. It can really take it out of you; to dig as far down as possible and then try to hack through the large roots when the surrounding dirt is absorbing a lot of the force. Unless you do it […]


Transplanting a Tree

The way in which you dig up a tree or any other large plant can change a lot depending upon two factors; how big their root system is, and whether or not you intend to replant the plant elsewhere. If you’re digging up the tree with the intention of getting rid of it, you can […]


Is Buying Plants Going to Move Online

The online trade of plants, trees, flowers and seeds has never been particularly large, with most avid gardeners still relying upon gardening centres for their supplies. Whether or not this will remain the case is question however, with more and more companies now offering online purchases of garden supplies as well as deliveries. There are […]

Garden Supplies

Allotment Rents

Gardening can be an enjoyable and a rewarding experience, particularly when the end result is beneficial to you. Allotments are great for this, because they can be rented for you to use, because they allow even those of us who own a flat and no garden to enjoy gardening, and they can be a great […]


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