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Gardening one hour per week

You may not think you can achieve a lot in one hour but if you’re very busy with work, the family or your children, one hour’s time will be sufficient for most people to maintain their garden. In an hour you could easily mow the lawn, water your plants, sweep the patio and tidy up […]

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Maintaining your garden without putting in the time

Not everyone has the time to spend an hour or two in the garden each evening and depending on the size of your garden you may not have to. One of the best ways in which you can create a great garden without dedicating all of your spare time to it is to hire a […]


Important Information about Turf Installation Options

Trustworthy and reputable turf suppliers always take great pride in delivering fresh, quality products to their customers. It does not matter whether you need it for a commercial property or a domestic property, reliable suppliers will take care of your requirements with utmost commitment and they always ensure that you receive turf quickly and in […]


Goodbye Grass

Small gardens are tricky to design. You tend to have to pick one feature and run with it, usually a lawn and a few potted plants. That’s now starting to change though and people would rather not have to buy a lawnmower for a patch of grass when they can choose patio tiles or a […]


Dog Friendly Gardens

If you plan on introducing a cute canine into your family home, you may want to think about your garden and check that it’s suitable for a dog. Here are some of the things your new family member will need: Firm borders Having fences and gates around your garden means your dog can run freely […]


One to look out for: Rhododendron arboreum

It’s not the most common spring flower, but it’s one you’re likely to see this year due to the humid weather. Nicknamed ‘Blood Red’ the Rhododendron was originally introduced from the Himalaya, but it’s a very popular in the UK too, especially beside the seaside in Cornwall. The vibrant red petals sit beautifully in a […]


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