Spring is a very unpredictable month in the UK. March, April and May can give us rain, strong sun, hail stones and icy mornings – all in the space of a week – so it’s important to make sure we’re fully prepared. If you’d like to make sure your garden can be enjoyed all year round, then there a few essentially pieces of furniture and garden equipment that you may need.

An awning

With an awning you essentially have protection from wind, rain, snow and sun, especially if you choose the right model. A Markilux Pergola is a fantastic option and there are plenty of different types to choose between. The 970 model has been designed with simplicity in mind. It simple opens out over your patio or timber decking to provide fast and effective cover from sun, snow and rain. The 879 design is just an all round graceful awning, which matches every glass roofing which you can really enjoy the summer evening in a variable, atmospheric light system. This a great addition to the outside wall of a kitchen or conservatory and it will look incredible stylish all year round.

Even if we don’t have a sunny spring, an awning can make sure you get the protection you need, but just be sure to choose one that’s reliable and built to last. The Markilux brand is definitely one of the biggest today so be sure to browse their collection or head to your local gardening store for more ideas.

Gas barbecues

A gas barbecue is a must for families that enjoy a feast in the garden. These often have lids, which help cook the food at optimum temperatures, whilst preventing wind from disrupting the cooking process. You can also shut the lead to ensure the food stays nice and moist, so you get juicy burgers and sausages, which aren’t dried out.

Making a splash

Sometimes a water feature can make the world of difference in a garden, especially if you’re looking to create a more tranquil environment that’s animal friendly too. You can add a natural pool, pond or a simple water fountain, and there are s many different options here. Again, a quick visit to a gardening store can be the best place to start.

Creating a cosy space

A mini log cabin or summerhouse is a nice addition if you want a secluded space where you’re away from distractions. Whether you want to work in your garden or simple unwind with a book, you can stay cooped up in your cabin or summerhouse without anybody bothering you, just be sure to take your mobile phone down to the bottom of the garden in case of emergencies!

So there you have it, you don’t have to pray for warm weather, there are plenty of garden features you should consider adding now, and all of which will make your garden more enjoyable all year round, not just in the warmer months. Remember the UK will always treat us to surprises with regards to the weather, so let’s make sure our gardens are places we can enjoy all year round, or at least for 8 months of the year!