I know it’s hard to think it right now (as we continue scraping the ice of our cars every morning) but spring is nearly upon us. This means we can soon start mowing the lawn, planting new flowers, trimming our hedges, painting our fences, filling our flowerpots, sweeping the patio and oiling the shed. As soon as the weather begins to change, it’s best to make a head start so that you can spur into spring and start making the most of your garden sooner. Wipe down the barbecue, plant your vegetables and tidy up those leaves because the warm weather is on its way, and you should make sure you’re ready for the new season ahead. There’s time to invite friends and family over, and if you’ve saved up to make some big change to the furniture of your garden, get stocked up now. There are deals to be had and there’s still time to change the completely change the layout of your garden if you need to. We can’t wait for what’s to come over the next few weeks because spring is certainly on its way.