Herbs are deceptively hardy little plants, so it can be very easy to grow them in your garden or home and see a great deal of success with them. They’re beneficial to have to hand – buying fresh herbs from a shop usually means buying a large bag, and a lot can go to waste. You’re able to grow them both indoors and out of doors, so it’s very easy to start you own herb garden. Here are some ideas to start you off:


Mint is very easy to grow because it doesn’t need a lot of sunlight. It does need regular feeding to keep it strong though, and this will make it grow quickly, so it might be best to keep it in a container to stop it taking over.


This herb is healthy and aromatic. It is thought to contain cancer-fighting properties, and it smells delicious wherever you plant it. It will need full sunshine and lots of water.


The perfect complement to rosemary, thyme works just as well with other herbs as it does on its own. It’s an easy way to add flavour to a dish, it produces attractive flowers and it can be grown indoors because it remains small.


This herb is full of health benefits – it’s able to detoxify the liver and clear blemishes on the skin. It can be grown indoors or out of doors and only requires watering every other day.



Sage has antioxidant properties, and is often used in beauty products. It needs good soil, so you have to be a bit more careful about where you grow it than you do with other herbs. Make sure it has plenty of sunlight, and gets watered every other day.