Spring bulbs usually indicate an end to dark days of winter, bringing with them a welcome colour flash to the garden when some few other plants are in flower. There are plenty of them to choose from. However, when you require some inspiration you can take a look at these top 10 bulbs that flower in spring.


crocus-6179_1280The jewel-like crocus plants appear sensational when planted in large naturalised swathes throughout rockeries and lawns. You may try crocus cancellatus. This is an unusual and popular variety from Turkey. It has delicate-looking blooms.



daffodil-696449_1280They are well loved for good reasons. They’re the cheeriest of spring bulbs, boasting of bright colours and frilly trumpeted blooms. Traditional golden daffodils are the most attractive. However, when looking for something slightly different, you may try lovely scented daffodils or frilly pink Narcissus “Replete”.


saturday-market-1046084_1280With various colours and shapes available, it’s not easy selecting just one variety of them to grow. You can treat yourself to Everlasting Mix, for full variety of colours. You may also take a look at the stunning colour and double flowers of Tulip ‘Purple Wow’. Keep away the early spring weeds with thick spread of some Tulip ‘Ground Cover’ Mix.

Snakes Head Fritillary

fritillaria_meleagrisImmediately identifiable through their unique snakes-skin spots, Fritillary Meleagris is usually at its best if grown in locations of damp, meadow-like grass. Even though native to the UK, they’re protected and are rarely seen in the wild. Therefore, it is ideal planting a group of them in your garden.

Lily of the Valley

lily-of-the-valley-787041_1280It’s renowned for its breathtaking perfume plus sprays of attractive white flowers. Lily of the Valley, once established, will form a lush green carpet of foliage making perfect ground cover for a damp and shady spot. Normally the foliage looks specifically pretty jewelled after a light spring shower with raindrops.


star-hyacinth-682369_1280The powerful scent of this bulb is not to every person’s liking. However, their majestic and upright flowers are simply remarkable. Even though they’re usually grown in pots placed on the windowsill, they’re surprisingly hardy and well-equipped for outdoor cultivation. You may try Hyacinth ‘Midnight Mystique’ due to its enigmatic black flowers.

Winter Aconite

winter-aconite-943478_1280Window aconite, despite its name, usually flowers into spring, attracting bees among other valuable pollinating insects to your garden. Their delightful flowers form some golden carpet each spring and are basically maintenance free.



bluebell-697755_1280Carpets of traditional woodland Bluebells form a magical sight during spring when the weather warms and the days start to get longer. English Bluebells thrives in damp and shady locations. However, they’re surprisingly resilient even in conditions of drought. You can always select English Bluebells since the Spanish variety may become invasive, and hybridise with native Bluebells.


puschkinie-720199_1280It’s also called Russian Snowdrop. The white star-shaped of flowers of these spring bulbs are striped in most extraordinary colour of blue. They are resilient and love sunny spot where they may bake in the sun during summer. They appear outstandingly attractive as an under planting below the ghostly stems of the Silver Birch Trees.


Pleione forsomosana is some surprisingly hardy orchid which you may grow either on your windowsill or in some sheltered border outside. It is quite simple to grow, and the colourful blooms will always come back, year after year.