Glass verandas and sun awnings are two completely different products that can enhance the appearance of your property. For a start, a glass veranda is a permanent structure over your patio area and an awning, though permanent can either be extended or retracted over your patio area depending on the weather. But what advantages do they offer and which one is better suited for your requirements?

A retractable patio sun awning is a very useful addition to your home especially during the warmer summer months, as it can provide UV protection and a shaded area you can sit comfortably outside all day if you so desire. Most companies offer a range of colors and patterns and various models to attach retractable awnings, freestanding awnings, and window sunroofs, thus providing you with a choice to meet your own requirements. It is also possible to install side roofs with or without overhead awning that provide privacy and shade.

Unfortunately, a sun awning for outdoor use is not a long-term solution to wet and/or windy weather – an awning can become damaged or unusable if it is not exposed to the elements. A glass veranda is a stylish addition to the exterior of your home, which blends house with garden to create a unique outdoor living space. They come in a variety of colors and styles, including Victorian and contemporary designs, and are custom made to your liking.

Glass verandas are often completely waterproof and will therefore not be damaged by the weather. These benefits allow for year-round use of your patio for alfresco dining, an extension for parties or to protect your smoker friends who were out in the rain to smoke a cigarette! In addition, these structures also provide protection for your garden furniture. They need not be covered or kept in the colder months, as they are clean, dry and protected from the weather. By installing halogen lighting and heating cells you can extend your glass veranda. This allows you to use your covered area outdoors longer during the colder months and darker evenings.

A disadvantage of a glass veranda is that it offers no sun protection. This can be solved by installing a sun awning above the veranda roof or conservatory exterior glazing to protect you from harmful UV rays. While sunshade awnings have proven their popularity in recent years, providing UV protection from the sun and a cosy shady terrace in the warmer months, installing a glass-fronted veranda could be very popular as the weather is so unreliable long-term investment by creation an all-weather covered outdoor area.

As discussed, it does add a certain amount of style and elegance to your garden too, whilst you’ll naturally increase the value of your home. You should be sure to do your homework on the many different types of products out there, and if possible be sure to see how they look in a local showroom or gardening centre, so you can get a better idea on size, functionality and look.