It’s tempting to view a home as a refuge from the colder weather as the winter sets in. Huddling by a source of warmth in the company of those we hold dear does have its attractions, especially when you add in the attraction of a cup of hot chocolate. But to everything its time – and the seasons do roll on. Before you know it those first days of spring are here and it is time to once again enjoy the beauty and comfort of our gardens.

It will be time to once again enjoy those long balmy summer evenings. For many people, a veranda is perfect for those evenings. It is perfect for welcoming guests into the home or settling in with those nearest and dearest to simply enjoy the company, often accompanied by good food and other refreshments.

This is the value of garden verandas. It complements the existing structure of the home and allows us to enjoy the beauty of both privacy should we long for those quiet moments, or to share our lives in a more convivial setting that brings the views of nature into our homes. There are, however, many different types of verandas, with various materials, styles and structures. The hipped roof has multiple sides which are sloped and then join together to form a ridge at the top, yet other forms include a straight roof, lean-to, gable roof and apex!

The idea that we could enjoy an outdoor lifestyle without leaving our homes is one that is today even more attractive. For many COVID-19 has meant a deep distrust of crowds – and for others, the regulations governing our interactions with others have meant that leaving the house for social purposes is simply impossible.

Entertaining on a veranda is a pleasure. These wonderful extensions can be designed to accommodate any lifestyle. They can be as simple as required or feature every type of accessory or addition that provides an opportunity to relax. An enclosed veranda for instance allows for shelter from the elements no matter the season. Add fittings such as gas burners and cooking surfaces and you have the perfect setting for a dinner party or mid-afternoon social. Add a fridge and chilled drinks are available immediately.

The design of your perfect veranda is entirely your choice. There are a huge number of materials that can be used – and an enormous variety of design choices. The addition of a well-designed veranda adds significant value to your home, not only in terms of its resale value but also in terms of its value when it comes to your lifestyle.

In these days of increased stress, every one of us could use somewhere to simply unwind – and a veranda delivers that space.