The key to successful gardening is careful planning so that it meets both your needs and aspirations. You will need to know how to design and plan your garden, whether you have a new, empty plot or are converting an existing design. You need to know every step, from assessing what you have and its potential in making new plans and turning them into reality. For this reason, you will need to know information that explains exactly how to assess the soil in your garden, the various steps you can take to improve it, and how to prepare the seedbed ready for planting.

Some of the essential skills to a gardener include land preparing skills, soil composition analysis, planting and transplanting, seed preparation and breaking of seed dormancy, pests and disease control, pruning among other field management practices.

All these skills can be learned through reading agriculture books, from the internet and from published journals. One can also learn this gardening skills by attending agricultural seminars and shows but more important is practicing them once taught.